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We provide services for intenational productions in Israel and the West Bank. Be with us when filming in Israel. The success of your project is our goal.

About Us
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Filming in Israel

Founded by Hila Baroz who worked in the UK for five years. Hila Baroz has done the BBC Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) course, and has wide experience working in war zones. She has dealt with a variety of situations and is aware of every sensibility that you might face during filming in Israel and the West Bank. Hila Baroz Productions is based in Tel Aviv, works with a dedicated team of professionals and provides production services for international crews coming to film in Isreal and the West Bank. From pre-planning to final wrap, we have worked on high end documentaries some of them were emmi nominated. We have special access to key religious, military and political figures, both on the Israeli and the Palestinian sides. We will help you find the stories to develop your theme. We will be your local production company.

Our team includes journalists, production coordinators, fixers, translators camera and sound crew.

Hila Baroz Productions
Hila Baroz Productions